Work: How to Love Your Job

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Find a job you love and never work a day in your life! But is this easier said than done?

If you’re one of the lucky people who loves what they do and are actually pretty good at it too, then you’ve got a good thing going there. Unfortunately not everyone finds themselves in a job that they enjoy, however, and this can creates problems with engagement and productivity at work. Enjoying your job, not only drives you to achieve your best, but it also improves your happiness in general, so it’s in both yours and your employers best interest for you to be happy at work.

Adecco have taken a look at some of the benefits of a happy workforce and why it’s important that your staff enjoy their jobs.

Why is it important for employees to enjoy their job?

  • Happier workers are 12% more productive than those who don’t enjoy their job. Unhappy workers are 10% less productive than others.
  • Being happy at work can make you more sociable, less lethargic, more generous and healthier.
  • The happiest workers are in Canada, with 64% claiming to love their job. The least happy workers are in Germany, with only 34% claiming to enjoy their job.

How to be more productive:

  • Know your body clock – Tackle the harder tasks when your energy levels are at their peak and leave the more routine tasks for when you’re on a slump.
  • Prioritise tasks –  Complete tasks in order of importance and the amount of time it will take.
  • Take a break – Sometimes you need to give yourself a break in order to get back in the zone. Take some time for a tea break or a short walk to allow yourself to recharge.

How to get along better with your co-workers:

  • Find some common ground – If you find yourself clashing with a co-worker try to talk it through with them and find some common ground. Listen to what they have to say and try to find a solution. It’s better out in the open.
  • Don’t fear conflict – If something’s bothering you, assert yourself. There is no need to be afraid of standing your ground if you approach it in a reasonable and mature manner.
  • Learn from others – Observe how others deal with co-workers and your boss to learn how you can better handle situations.

How to manager your time better:

  •  Stop procrastinating – Pin-point what your main distractions are and find a solution to stop wasting time.
  • Don’t multi-task – Often multitasking and shifting between jobs can actually delay you from getting tasks done. Try to focus on one at a time to get things done more efficiently.
  • Log off of social media – On average workers spend 1 hour and 14 minutes on social media  and 5 hours browsing non-work related websites. Log off, to focus your time on work tasks.

How to get a promotion:

  • 21% of workers earning under $50,000 say that they dislike their job, whereas 63% of those earning over $50,000 say that they love their job.
  • In order to get a promotion, ask what is expected of you and then work towards achieving those targets, skills, etc.
  • You should also work on acquiring as much information as possible about the company, to demonstrate that you operate like a senior employee, rather than junior.

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