7 Tips To Find A Job

by ceojem in How to Find a Job 27/05/2016 0 comments

Finding a job is not always easy especially if you have limited experience in the job market. However, there are some things everyone can do to increase their chances of success in finding a job. Things you could do to land a job offer are:

  1. Networking. A lot of people find jobs from people they know rather than traditional means such as job adverts. Talk to family, friends and other people you know to find out where work might be on offer.
  2. Upload Your CV. Rather than hunting down jobs, consider getting potential employers to come to you. Post your CV online and you could save yourself a lot of time and effort job hunting.
  3. Target companies. Look at the organisations which might make a good employer and hone in on them. This may mean you only look at the big employers in your area or it might mean that you look into one sector only but on a nationwide basis.
  4. Stay positive. We all get a few knock backs when looking for work. Don’t take it personally if you are rejected or don’t even get a response because it is probably not because of anything you have done wrong.
  5. Find hidden vacancies. Many jobs can be landed before they are advertised if you can get in quickly. Look into internal recruitment and seek out word-of-mouth advice as good ways of getting your foot in the door early.
  6. Signup for job alerts. Take advantage of ‘ automatic job updates, as this may save you plenty of time. However, remember to utilise the more traditional methods of browsing job boards and local newspapers too – these are tried and tested ways of finding vacancies.
  7. Consider volunteering. This enhances your CV, tests out your chosen career and puts you in pole position for any arising job opportunities. Behave well, be smart and enthusiastic, and get stuck into everything they ask of you. Remember to enquire about potential vacancies.

Finding a job is a skill in it self. Once you have been successful in landing a job, you will discover that the process becomes much easier if you ever find yourself looking for employment.

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