10 Simple Job Interview Preparation Tips

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You’ve secured a job interview- that’s great news. So why does it feel as if you’re about to face a firing squad and not an interview panel?

Yet there’s really no mystery in terms of how to ace that interview- the key to success is preparation. Here we consider ten tips for excellent interview preparation.

1.Read up on the job role

Find out as much as possible about the job and the competencies associated with it. Developing an understanding of the key functions and linking these to your skills and experience will help demonstrate how you match with the job requirements.

2. Check up on the company

Gaining an insight into the essence of the company and its future plans will significantly enhance the confidence you have on interview day.

Knowing where it is positioned within its industry and sector will allow you to couch your answers within the appropriate strategic context. Having the right informationwill also enable you to ask intelligent questions at the interview which demonstrate the breadth of your research.

3. Probe the panel

If you have the names of the interview panel, find out what you can about them and their career histories. Undertaking some basic fact finding will help you angle your answers to suit their particular areas of expertise.

4. Suss out the interview style

Employers nowadays use a variety of approaches at interview to assess potential candidates. These include behavioural, competence, group and case-based interviews.

If there is no specific information on the letter inviting you to attend the interview then contact the company and ask them.

5. Pre-empt questions

Make a list of questions you would expect to be asked, depending on the type of interview and the role being interviewed for.

Common topics include personal strengths and weaknesses, career goals and examples of situations dealt with to date. Prepare draft answers and memorise key points- don’t try to recite the actual answers as this may sound too scripted.

6. Plan what to wear

Select an outfit which matches the style of the employing organisation. Some companies will expect formal business attire which others prefer a more relaxed approach.

Regardless of whether your clothes are traditional or contemporary, they should be clean, ironed and tidy. Hair should also be neat, scent applied sparingly and makeup, if worn, generally subtle.

7. Work out your route

Make a plan of how to get to the interview location and, if possible, carry out a practice journey in advance.

This will ensure there are no hiccups with finding the right building on the day and also allow you to take corrective action if external disruptions occur.

8. Timing is everything

Arriving late for an interview is quite simply unprofessional – so do everything in your power to avoid this happening.

Set multiple alarm calls and build in extra journey time. Aim to arrive at least ten minutes before the interview is scheduled to begin.

9. Take it easy (the night before)

Getting a good night’s sleep can significantly improve your interview performance so make this a serious part of your interview preparation. Avoid excess alcohol and spicy foods- the smell of these may be picked up on by the panel.

10. Think positively – and relax

Remember that this is a great opportunity which moves you one step closer to securing that dream job.

Do whatever works for you to calm those nerves- whether that’s deep breathing exercises, a visit to the gym or even just talking things over with a friend.

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